BARC Saloons Series

Well, the rationale behind the new BARC Saloons series is to offer something slightly different with the main focus being on having fun, something which the founders and organisers have found lacking from the paddock in recent years.

If you’re simply interested in having fun, then carry on reading as this may be of interest. The series will be based upon the following principles:

The Rules – well, we are basically tearing up the rule book so in essence there aren’t any. No rules means nothing to argue about, it’s that simple. You can do what you like to your car as long as it complies with the Blue Book, although we are going to stipulate that your car has to be a saloon car with a bodyshell (no space frame cars) and you have to run treaded tyres, but that’s it.
Series points – these will be awarded by picking the points out of a hat at the end of the race, so your points have no bearing on where you finish. It’s a crazy approach to racing in all honesty, but remember, we want to focus on having fun so we don’t want “last lap lunges” resulting in car damage so this takes away the need for that. Having your race car damaged isn’t fun, so that’s what we are trying to avoid as much as possible.

We will also have reverse grids and other factors will result in points being awarded and deducted over the season to add a further degree of fun to the series, more of which will be announced over the coming month.