MV Commercial BTRA Truck Championship

The MV Commercial Championship is one of the biggest categories in the UK, with machines weighing in at more than five tonnes and producing in excess of 1000bhp – it is a championship like no other. 

Born in the USA in 1979, Truck Racing hit British shores not long after and captured the imagination of racing enthusiasts. The organising governing body, the British Truck Racing Association, was founded in 1984 and has been at the helm ever since. 

Representing some of the biggest manufacturers from around the world, the championship has for a long been split into two classes. Division 1 is home to the most advanced machines that have bespoke braking and suspension systems whilst Division 2 is likened towards more production-based machines; both delivering fast-paced heart-stopping moments throughout the season.  

In 2018 the British Automobile Racing Club undertook the role of promoters and administers for the championship with the aim of continuing to ensure the growth and popularity of the series remained unrelenting.