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Providing a low-cost method of going endurance racing, the Distrigo Parts Distribution C1 Racing Series has emerged as one of the fastest growing categories in the country since launching midway through 2017.

With more than 100 cars have been built, the one-make series shows no signs of letting up as it continues to welcome more and more new faces that want to go long-distance racing on a budget.

Using the standard first generation Citroen C1s, modifications are tightly controlled with none being allowed to be made to engine or transmission. Club supplied modifications however are allowed to the suspension to reduce tyre wear.

On-track competitors reap the benefits of a diverse range of races such as two, three, four, six and 24-hour encounters, as well as short sprint races too.

Such is the popularity of the Distrigo Parts Distribution C1 Racing Series, 2019 saw the category make history for the largest ever starting grid at Silverstone – 99 cars.